Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions Agreement
All users agree to the Terms and Conditions when signing up for an account, logging into the website, receiving a email report, uploading any information to us. Users are considered to be working under the direction of their Company and thus users accepting the Terms and Conditions are accepting the Terms and Conditions for the Company.

The Company is granted a license to use our service. The Company may only use our Service for it's intended use. The Company may not sell, resell, or allow any third party to use our Service for any reason. The license is non-transferable. This license allows the Company to use our Service and does not mean ownership of any part of our service/products. All graphics, computer code, website literature, desktop application are apart of the Service and are under copyright of us.

Personal Information
The information accuracy gathered from the Customer is not guaranteed by us. Information is only used for it's intended use for our Services. Personal information is gathered and secured under best practices.

Company Responsibilities
Customer information privacy and security is a top priority of ours and we expect the same from the Company. Data loss and/or security breaches caused by Company neglect or misuse cannot be guaranteed by us. The Company is responsible for notifying us immediate of unauthorized of account access, possible password loss, or any other possible security risk due they may know of. The Company is not responsible for data loss, unauthorized service access, and unintended information use because of authorized or unauthorized access to their service account.

The Company must ensure that any file or information transmitted through our Services is virus and malware free.

Data Accuracy
The Customer is responsible for ensuring all data within and transferred to us is accurate. We interface to third party software which must be maintained by the Customer. The Customer must notify us of any third party software changes or updates. The Customer is responsible for providing information about their management systems in which we will interface into. The Customer is also responsible for the legality of the data that they provide us. Third party software access is done so on behalf of the Company. Any additonal fees required by third-party companies to use our Service now or in the future are the responsibility of the Company.

Limit Liability
In no event shall we be liable to you or any party related to you for any indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or punitive damages or lost profits, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

In any event, our total aggregate liability to you for all damages of every kinda and type ( regardless of whether based in contract or tort ) shall not exceed the purchase price of this product.

Our Service is provided "as is" and comes with no warranties. Information accuracy is the responsibility of the Customer. Service is provided under best effort and we are not responsible for any data loss, loss of business, or loss of income.

Email, & SMS and message delivery is done on a best effort. We do not guarantee that messages will be delivered. The Company agrees that the emails and text messages which are sent apply within all laws of their territory.

The Customer takes responsibility for any costs associated with SMS text messages that the Company or their Customers may incur. It is the responsibility of the Company to send SMS Messages to Customers that agree to receive them.

We do not guarantee the ability to send SMS to all mobile phones.

Payment & Term
Payment must be received prior to services rendered. We reserve the right to terminate any service because of late payment, breach of agreement, illegal activity, or misuse of the Service. Terms and payment schedule will be based upon the agreement prior to services in a writing.

Termination of Agreement
The Company may terminate the agreement with written notice 30 days prior to end of Service. Terminations fees may occur and will be outlined in the Payment & Terms of each agreement. All Company data may be deleted or removed within 30 days after the termination.

Terms and Conditions Modification
We reserve the right to modify and change this Terms and Conditions at any time. You will be notified by email within 48 hours prior to the changing of the Terms of Service.

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