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Certified Review

   October 7th, 2015

anchor dental group
vary good service

   - wilfh

Certified Review

   October 7th, 2015

It was a fun expeirance at your office. I witnessed staff making small children smile and laugh, concerned parents having there questions being answered. All the staff had huge smiles and laughter filled the office. This is were I would tell everyone to come for professional advice and work. Thank you, Russ

   - russelb [ patient for 2 years ]

Certified Review

   September 30th, 2015

Check up & cleaning
Thank you

   - jackieh

Certified Review

   September 8th, 2015

Dental check and cleaning
I am very satisfied with the experience, the care provided, and the information provided by staff.

   - glenniss [ patient for 15 years ]

Certified Review

   August 28th, 2015

good service
good customer service, friendly staff

   - dorothyq [ patient for 21 years ]

Certified Review

   August 26th, 2015

Great dental visit
The friendly and intelligent staff at your office made mine and my daughter's dental visit a pleasant experience.

   - Anonymous

Certified Review

   August 23rd, 2015

Good service

   - sharonl

Certified Review

   August 22nd, 2015


   - peterq [ patient for 21 years ]

Certified Review

   August 19th, 2015

Always enjoy my appointments
Excellent friendly professional service.

   - erinf

Certified Review

   August 13th, 2015

I bring my 5 kids to the dentist all at a time and they're happy throughout the appointments! That's a win for me!

   - Anonymous

Certified Review

   August 6th, 2015

Dr. Wittal was very courteous and friendly. I would recommend this office to anyone. This place doesn't feel like a cash grab and I feel like their advice is genuine.

   - Anonymous

Certified Review

   August 1st, 2015

I appreciate Dr Stock and Staff for your excellence.
Thank you for all of your hard work,dedication,caring and kindness to myself over past few months.

   - bevs [ patient for 2 years ]

Certified Review

   July 29th, 2015

Satisfied Client
Great hygienist -- knowledgeable, friendly, helpful. Checkup with dentist went very well.

   - patm [ patient for 43 years ]

Certified Review

   July 18th, 2015

Root Canal
How comfortable can you be in that circumstances. Today is the first time in a few months that can drink cold water. Refreshing

   - danielb [ patient for 6 years ]

Certified Review

   July 5th, 2015

Very efficient hygenist
the hygienist was very efficient.

   - donnas [ patient for 11 years ]

Certified Review

   June 27th, 2015

Great staff, great hours, great work.

   - jenniferg [ patient for 2 years ]

Certified Review

   June 18th, 2015

too good
just in for a cleaning and check up but staff was excellent!

   - barryc [ patient for 17 years ]

Certified Review

   June 16th, 2015

Excellent appointment
Dr. Stock and his staff are all very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful! Completely satisfied with my new crown! Thank you!

   - Anonymous

Certified Review

   June 3rd, 2015

It's all good
My 6-mos visit was all good. Cannot complain.

   - Anonymous

Certified Review

   May 26th, 2015

Great experience. Well, winning the lottery would be a great experience but this was good too

   - shannonv [ patient for 5 years ]

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